To ensure this conference will bring about a positive social impact on the participants’ local communities in the long-run and to ensure continuity of this conference, there will be various follow-ups done after. These follow-ups include, but are not limited to:

Feedback Collection

After being exposed to people of diverse backgrounds and pertinent social issues in the world today, we hope that a global citizen mindset has been inculcated within all NGCC participants. To gauge and quantify how beneficial this conference has been for our participants and various stakeholders, we will be conducting the collection of feedback from participants after the conference.

Sharing Sessions

Post-conference sharing sessions will be held involving our participants. On our end, we will be conducting these sessions with local Singaporean participants, while at the same time, we will also be encouraging the universities and student unions who have sent students over for this conference to hold theirs. They may choose to hold sharing sessions of their preferred scale, or even allow participants to conduct a presentation of what they have learnt through this conference back in their home country. This will enable NGCC participants to retain and spread the values of active citizenship and social inclusion to a wider audience. Furthermore, through this follow-up, we hope that a long-term working relationship can be established and maintained between NUS and these university partners.

Humans of NGCC: Untold Narratives

Inspired by the Humans of New York and following Untold Narratives, the NGCC team plans to continue sharing these personal stories and experiences of our participants on the Facebook group. The continuous sharing of different meaningful narratives will serve to reinforce the theme of Global Progression from this conference, broaden perspectives and build stronger bridges between these future leaders. This would also  establish and maintain a long-lasting global network between these active changemakers in their local communities.

Potential Volunteering & Internship Opportunities

As there are many NGOs and related organisations working with NGCC, there would certainly be more opportunities for participants to step forward and make concrete social contributions beyond the conference. Participants could possibly volunteer through or undertake internships under these organisations who are working actively for a social cause.

Publicity Efforts

Using our active publicity channels, such as our Facebook page and this website, the NGCC team will continue to help all the NGOs and stakeholders in this conference with their publicity efforts as well as promote the takeaways from the conference. This will help us continue spreading the positive values while giving back to the community in our own way and ensuring continuity of future conferences.

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