The key focus of the conference will be the discussion sessions. For NGCC 2018, we have invited both local and international prominent speakers and NGOs aligned with the theme of Global Progression and one of the 5 topics. As a platform where participants can share their perspectives and learn from one another, this is an opportune chance for participants to learn first-hand about the topics from these industry insiders. Challenge, influence and inspire yourself while engaging these stakeholders to bring about real actionable outcomes with your ideas and creative solutions.


To equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to not only be better able to contribute to the discussions but become future changemakers, there will be a few carefully designed workshops in line for participants. Witness for yourself how it is possible to bring about a positive change in your community through entrepreneurship, as well as leave with a creative and critical thinking mindset which would last you beyond this conference and help you be better able to bring your ideas into reality.

Untold Narratives

A more fun experiential activity, Untold Narratives is an initiative inspired by the concept of the Human Library. Aimed to bring different perspectives and minds together, this is a window for participants to bond and learn from others outside their discussion groups. Individuals with personal narratives relevant to the theme of Global Progression will be present to share their stories within intimate small groups, which encourages participants to contribute their personal stories and experiences as well. Through this activity, we hope that bridges can be built, regardless of cultural differences, to raise the awareness of diversity among us and help realise the importance of more egalitarian and pluralistic development.

Thematic Tours

To enhance the learning experience, we have planned several thematic tours around the island that are aligned with the topics of discussion. For example, participants under the topic of Mental Wellness will meet with organisations and individuals specialising in mental health issues and cognitive challenges. These tours provide opportunities to interact with individuals affected by the issues raised during discussions, thus serving as a form of experiential learning, where the participants will be able to gain first-hand exposure regarding the issues discussed.

Exploring Singapore

Renowned for her unique cosmopolitan culture (and especially her food), this Garden City is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region today. Other than being a city of a rojak of cultures and rich heritage, visitors often associate Singapore with the words 'safe', 'clean', 'green' and 'efficient', and we as Singaporeans here can attest to this statement! Discover local cheap eats, spectacular architecture, and the rich diversity of this city with your newly made local and international friends.

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Conference Timeline


Jul 14, 2018




Ice-breaker activities

Jul 15, 2018


Discussion Session Zero


Opening Ceremony 

Check-in Questions

Jul 16, 2018


Untold Narratives

Discussion Sessions 1 & 2


Cultural Night

Jul 17, 2018


Discussion Session 3

Thematic Tour

Singapore Tour

Jul 18, 2018


Discussion Session 4


Preparation Time for Final Presentations

Jul 19, 2018


Final Presentations

Networking Lunch


Closing Ceremony 

Farewell Dinner

Jul 20, 2018


Check-out (Participants have to arrange their own transportation to Changi Airport)

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