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If you're a university student,

Why should you attend?

  1. Engage in critical discussions of pressing issues and exchange good practices, knowledge, experiences and ideas from diverse perspectives

  2. Be equipped with change-making tools by various stakeholders

  3. Network with and gain insights from speakers, NGOs and industry insiders

  4. Create a tangible and meaningful team project during the conference

  5. Form lasting local and international friendships




Early Bird Pricing  until 28 April 2019

  • NUS Students - SGD$100 (With Accommodation) OR SGD$30 (No Accommodation) 

  • Non-NUS Students studying in Singapore - SGD$120 (With Accommodation) OR SGD$50 (No Accommodation)

  • International Students - SGD$190 (Compulsory to stay in the accommodation provided during the conference)

[The conference fee includes accommodation, food, venue and etc. Payment details to be made known upon acceptance. Please note that each program will start in the morning, thus, we strongly encourage participants to stay on campus.]

We're on the look out for NUS students with potential to join us in making this Conference happen.


If you have relevant skills, knowledge, and/or experience that you think would contribute meaningfully to the Conference, then we want you!

If you're an NGO or are keen on being a speaker at NGCC,

Drop us an email at to discuss a possible collaboration.

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